Quality Statement

The following statement is the Quality Policy of the Organisation and applies to any work undertaken. We will meet all legal requirements and work to the highest Quality and Standard for our Clients. This work will be completed in accordance with Company’s expectations and goals, these are:

To achieve these high expectations and goals the Organisation calls upon its work force to work in conjunction with the Client to reach the highest expectations for each contract.

Our objectives are:

Customer Satisfaction

Quality of our Service and Products

On time Schedules and Budget

A Complete Safe and Professional Service

Attention to detail by Trained Personnel 

Technical Support at all times

Commitment to Customer Service

To meet this commitment, the Organisation will operate under the control of a Quality System laid down in the ISO 9001:2015 series of standards. It is the Company’s objective to operate and review this Quality Policy continuously by the Management and to implement and operate fully the ISO 9001 Standard through registration and annual review.

The Company has a commitment to continual improvement of the Quality System by improving Customer Satisfaction via the Customer Complaints System.

It is the Company’s belief that, in applying these standards, it will be able to meet the requirements of its Customers and Industry.

This policy will be briefed to all employees and displayed on all noticeboards. It will also be displayed on the company website for our customers to read.

Managing Director January 2023